Club Presidents

Current Club President

Andy Baxter

I have been a regular attendee at the Montrose Burns Club festivals since 2006, when I first attended with my father-in-law, Ally Hogg.  
I had the honour of presiding over our 2024 festival and look forward to my duties as President this year.  Many of which you will be able to follow on our new website or Facebook page.



Alan Baxter- President

Please see our list of Past Presidents from 1909 below


List of Past Presidents

1909~Mr R.J. Muir, H.M.I.S. 1972~ Mr R. M. Livingston
1910~ Rev. Wm. Taylor, M.A., F.S.A. Scot 1973~ Mr A. S. Jessop, M.A., L.L.B.
1911~ Mr Allan McDougall, F.E.I.S. 1974~ Mr D. M. Mouat
1912~ Mr David Lackie 1975~ Mr M. E. McCormack, B.D.S.
1913~ Mr David Nairn 1976~ Mr J. Murray
1914-18~ Mr Bailie Milne 1977~ Mr A. F. Hogg
1919~ Provost Thomson 1978~ Mr D. H. Beedie, C.A.
1920~ Mr John Yorston, M.A. 1979~ Mr A. L. Macfarlane
1921~ Prof. D. Russell Scott, M.A. 1980~ Mr F. C. Fraser, M.A.
1922~ Bailie William Jolly 1981~ Mr D. L. MacDonald, B.D.S.
1923~ Rev. James Landreth, M.A. 1982~ Mr A. K. Smith, M.A.
1924~ Mr Alex Miller, F.E.I.S. 1983~ Mr A. C. Keay, C.A.
1925~ Major W. M. Wood, M.C. 1984~ Mr I. D. Hendry, B.eD.
1926~ Mr Thomas Middleton 1985~ Mr L. W. McAllister
1927~ Bailie Gouk 1986~ Dr. I. Grove White
1928~ Mr W. Ernest Watt 1987~ Mr Gilbert Nisbet, C.A.
1929~ Mr James S. Brown 1988~ Mr James W. Coull
1930~ Mr James A. Duthie 1989~ Mr Derek J. Addison
1931~ Mr George A. Middleton 1990~ Rev. Peter W. Main
1932~ Mr George H. Shepherd 1991~ Mr Ronald H. Murray
1933~ Mr James Christison, F.S.A. Scot 1992~ Mr John Russell
1934~ Mr James Carson, M.B.E. 1993~ Mr Cy Wyper
1935~ Ex-Bailie A. D. Todd 1994~ Mr Douglas Smith
1936-37~ Ex-Provost Thomas Lyell, M.C. 1995~ Mr Nick Bradford
1938-45~ Mr Donald Bain 1996~ Mr Andrew Shanks
1946~ Mr W. D. Johnston 1997~ Mr Peter Stuart
1947~ Mr Duncan Fraser, M.A., F.S.A. Scot 1998~ Dr Alan Begg
1948~ Lt. Col. S. Scott Robinson, M.B.E., T.D. 1999~ Mr Jim Boner
1949~ Mr J. Wilson Spence 2000~ Mr John Doward
1950~ Mr A. G. Hay 2001~ Mr L. W. McAllister
1951~ Mr R. M. Livingstone 2002~ Mr James R. Murray
1952~ Provost J. Butchart 2003~ Mr John Gordon
1953~ Mr J. Smeaton 2004~ Mr Jamie Pert
1954~ Mr M. W. Todd 2005~ Mr Eric Ladbrook
1955~ Mr J. A. Graham 2006~ Mr Peter Wood
1956~ Mr R. Somerville 2007~ Mr David Tait
1957~ Mr W. S. Dunnett 2008~ Dr Jimmy Thomson
1958~ Mr J. A. Smeaton, M.A. 2009~ Mr Ian Guthrie
1959~ Mr R. V. Fairweather 2010~ Mr Brian Alston
1960~ Rev. D. M. Gordon, M.A. 2011~ Mr Graeme Newton
1961~ Mr T. Long, M.A. 2012~ Mr Tom Brighton (Jnr)
1962~ Dr. Andrew Noble, M.C. 2013~ Mr Doc Masson
1963~ Mr W. J. Rice, M.R.C.V.S. 2014~ Mr Richard Stark
1964~ Dr. W. G. Carson 2015~ Mr Ross Thomson
1965~ Mr T. Duncan 2016~ Mr Duncan Salmon
1966~ Mr S. G. Strachan, M.A. 2017~ Mr Nick Markowski
1967~ Mr A. H. Anderson 2018~ Mr Norman Braes
1968~ Dr. C. Cohen 2019~ Mr Hamish Murray
1969~ Mr R. B. Meikle, M.A. 2020~22 Mr David G Clark
1970~ Mr A. Knight 2023~ Mr Tom Murray
1971~ Dr. D. MacNeill


Latest Burns Project

A new Burns memorial cairn was built in 2023 the cairn provides a safe home for the original plaque.

The cairn pays tribute to Adam Christie,
a patient at Sunnyside, who carved a
stone plaque in 1930 to commemorate the spot where Burns stopped to water his horse in 1787 as well as containing a new sculpture done in the style of Adam Christie. Keep checking our site for updates.